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Core Values

Our product concept:
energy saving, environmental protection, health, safety, innovation, differentiation, intelligence.

Our view of talent:
sincere and integrity, dedication and aggressiveness, innovation.

Our service concept:
to give all the convenience to customers, all the difficulties and trouble left to ourselves.

Our vision:
to be a responsible Internet + clean energy energy.
to meet customer needs, to solve customer problems,responsible to the customers.
to promote the healthy development of the clean energy industry, grow with the domestic and foreign partners,responsible to
the partners.
save energy, protect the environment, help the country,responsible to the country.

Our mission:
to create an open, cooperative and win-win clean energy ecosystem through the internet.
make products and services really like the sun into the people's lives, bring benefits to their life.
focus on different regions, different users, to provide differentiated products and services.
create an open, cooperative and win-win Internet platform, to create an Internet + clean energy ecosystem with our partners.



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