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A new technics -Vapor chamber application in Semlight new LED high bay light

Nowadays, more and more high power COB LED high bay light encounter the heat dissipation problems: far more concentration heat on LED. To solve this big problem, LED industry tried various settlements. Technical of vapor chamber is a typical heat dissipation solution.
Since 2006, SEMLIGHT SEMICONDUCTOR LIGHTING CO., LIMITED invests hundreds of thousands of US dollars on the vapor champer producing craft and its equipments, especially in LED high bay light. Our development team finally developed vapor chamber for high power COB LED high bay, as LED packaging base board. And recently, this technics honored National Innovation Invention Prize, regarded as a fresh light in China LED lighting Industry.
Production of vapor chamber:
 We use sintered copper powder as liquid absorption capillary core structure. Since inner cavity area of vapor chamber is relative big but cavity gap is relative small, in the same time, setting liquid absorption capillary core structure in the small cavity need to solve suitable cooper powder un-finalize sintering, including welding the gap in the vacuum tube, inject heat transfer working medium, forming vacuum and keep vacuum etc a lot of problem.

Finally to assure that heat transfer performance of LED high bay light and board surface un-deformation. It looks vapor chamber is simple but the production technics is very difficult. Our company mastered the key technics of vapor chamber: Inner cavity core structure all linked, Support flow confined tensile strength. Sintering and silver soldering process, Working medium filling, vacuum degassing, Performance test. Now, 4 patents of LED high bay light are applied already.

Structure of Vapor chamber:

  Vapor chamber is a totally sealed panel cavity composed of base board, frame, and cover board. Liquid absorption capillary core structure in wall of cavity, the capillary core structure could be metal wire net, micro groove, cello silk, also could be metal powder un-sintering core and several structure combination. In cavity, support structure needed when necessary, to avoid deformation because air suction sage and heated up after vacuum degassing.

Since changes in capillary micro structure on wall of vapor chamber, vacuum cavity and liquid working medium ( industrial pure water or acetone), so Semlight LED High Bay Light own perfect constant temperature and conduction features. Our High Bay Light can make high heating flux from a point to a big heating dissipation area instantaneously. And then transfer the heat via the cooling fins.

LED light working stable or not, life span long or short, all related with capacity of heat dissipation.

Since SEMLIGHT LED high bay LED with vapor chamber heat dissipation technics, assured its lift time to 50000 hours above, make ours LED become authentic long-life new light source.

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