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Semlight launched the latest COB LED flood light

 As a leading company in China, Semlight recently launched the latest COB LED flood light. The COB LED flood light source adopts COB with Bridgelux chip. The Maximum luminous efficacy can come up to 130LM/W. LED luminous efficiency of LED flood light for option: 110-130LM/W.
 The body of LED flood light is made with section aluminum of high quality. The cover of the light is toughened glass. Unique heat dissipation structure design, the surface of the heat sink is anodized. The cover of the light is toughened glass. Semlight LED flood light passed CE, ROHS, IEC certification and has waterproof at the junction of the fittings.

The features of LED flood light as following:

1. The composite phase change heat transfer technology

2. Surface treatment: anticathode oxidation

3. Built-in Meanwell driver

4. The driver efficiency is higher than 89%.

5. Power factor is higher than 0.95.

6. Input Voltage:(AC)100~277V OR  DC12-24v

7. Light control and time controll, infrared motion sensor controller, 0-10V dimmer.

Available in a variety of power:
10w/20w/30w/40w/50w/60w/70w/80w/90w/100w/120w/150w/160w/200w/350w/400w/500w/600w/7 00w/800w/1000w

Applications of LED floodlight:
Mainly used for large-scale construction site lighting, plant lighting, industrial lighting places, sports centers, gas stations, parking lots, waiting rooms, train stations, ports, terminals and other energy-efficient lighting.

Semlight is a market-leading innovator of LED safety lighting products, electronic thermal material and a provider of ultra-high-power lighting solution. And looking for distributors around the world.

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