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Wide Application of Semlight LED flood light

 LED Flood light lighting a object evenly from a specific point to its various direction, nothing can’t be better than bulbs and candles, it can be installed in any place, mostly be used outdoor like buildings, garden, park, advertising board etc, indoor like specific part lighting, bar, stage , any corner lighting etc.
 It is popular to using different color of LED flood light at long distance in a same place; those light projects out shade and combine with object. Because the lighting scope is big, so LED floodlight lighting effect is predicable, very easily. What’s more, this light have a lot of auxiliary function, for example, put flood light near the surface of object, the object would have bright light on the surface.
 LED flood light could be controlled via build in micro chip, at some small occasions, without controller is also normal, controller enable flashing, flicking, color flashing and recycle flashing, gradual changing dynamic effects effect etc. In additional, with DMX control, flood light could have chasing, scan dynamic effects. So LED flood light not only for lighting but also create beautiful scene and brilliant pictures for peoples.
 Standard flood light using for lighting entire place, no specific scope. But at particular scene, using a lot of LED flood flight together would have collaboration function results in perfect effects.

 Semlight is such as experienced manufacturer, with aim to supply best quality LED flood light to customer, the Maximum luminous efficacy can come up to 130LM/W. We pay most attention on its each production procedure and craft. Aging test, QC inspection and even protective as well as stable package we considered. Details will decide the quality, no matter quality of goods but quality of people. Deeply trust on the potential market of LED flood light and keep pace with it. We do and we believe.

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