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Osram New CoB LED offering twice the light from half the surface, targeting indoor lighting

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany says that, for the first time, it is offering a chip-on-board (CoB) LED that is suitable for compact powerful spotlights such as those used in retail outlets and museums.
As the latest member of the Soleriq family, the Soleriq P 9 produces a luminous flux of 2000lm and has a luminous efficacy of 100lm/W (at a temperature of 85°C and 3000K) from a light-emitting surface with a diameter of only 9mm (64mm2) - twice as much light with the same efficiency from an area half the size compared with the existing Soleriq S 13.
This high brightness is made possible by the surface-emitting chips that are used. Even at very high packing densities, they can produce high luminous flux with above-average efficiency, says Osram. The small light-emitting surface means that extremely compact and therefore lightweight optics can be fitted for highly compact spotlights. The spotlights can therefore be less cumbersome and more cost-effective, while still providing the same luminous intensity, says the firm. For example, just one Soleriq P 9 LED can match the luminous intensity of a 35W high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp. With package dimensions of 15mm x 15mm and a beam angle of 120°, the Soleriq P 9 has been designed for use in spotlights for directional indoor lighting and in particular for shop and museum lighting. The color rendering index (CRI) is a minimum of either 80 or 90, and the correlated color temperatures (CCT) are 2700–5000K (CRI 80) and 2700–4000K (CRI 90).
The new Soleriq is being tested and measured at a temperature of 85°C to simulate the thermal conditions in actual applications as closely as possible. Customers will therefore be able to directly plan the use of the LED in their applications and will not have to carry out time-consuming appraisals based on data sheet values.
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