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LED stadium lights mainly apply in large areas such as football and tennis field, tunnel, park, gymnasium, workshop, supermarket and etc. In these sites, extremely high consumption of energy is really a headache when using traditional lightings. As the widespread of LED lights, a rapid increasing number of lighting projects decide to replace traditional lights with LED stadium lights. It’s also a trend to use LED lighting fixtures in other areas in a long future.  
After continous improvement and strict tests, Semlight marketed 100W-1000W stadium lights with mature technology. Even to this day, rare companies have the capacity to produce such high power lights.
 High Quality& Pecfect Service:  
All of the stadium light models are certified by CE, IEC, RoHS. We also provide three years’s warranty for the light and will undertake the freight that caused by maintenance.
  Quality means everything. Semlight spared no effort to produce superior LED lights. The stadium light body is made of high-quality aluminun section and the cover is toughened glass. The surface of the heat sink is anodized, so it has excellent anti-corrosion property and insulativity. Built-in driver has high efficiency higher than 89%. Semlight put in an aluminum board inside of the electrical box to enhance the dissipation of the driver, on this account enhance the operating life of the light. The protection rating of the light is IP67. Waterproof test for the light is strictly carried out before delivery.
 Semlight manufactures every product by heart and hopes to help you get best solutions. Also, DiAlux design and professional suggestions can be provided for your reference. Semlight sincerely at your service!