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Aging test: Semlight LED quality ensured necessary procedure

 Purpose of LED aging test: LED light quality assured, to avoid any accident occur in future LED working course.
 Aging test shelf: be sure that there have both DC and AC power supply and all grounded.
 Aging test method: put good LED light after water soaked on the shelf, connected to plugs according to its input voltages, turn on the power and inspect every LED is lighted, while promise it worked full of power during test. Semlight aging test time will be 24 hours, during test, we treat LED no less than 10 times switch on/off test, every time on 10seconds and off 10seconds. Defectives like LED die, dim, flash and non-normal switch sound won’t be allowed to next step.
 IPQC should inspect aging test LED every 2 hours, check if all LED is working normal and mark defectives with notes, verify the times of on shelf and left shelf, record the abnormal course on paper. When the percentage of abnormal over 3%, IPQC should tell the situation to QC supervisor. According reason track and settlement discuss should be made.
 Defectives should be stopped to test and take out from shelf, take it to repair Dept to fix. Turn off the power after good lights finished test, take lights out after the surface temperature low down to normal, then put it at a assigned site waiting for next procedure. Semlight makes sure every test procedure has distinguished mark and its order, assure every good light be finally sent to customer.
 Aging test should be operated by professional people; safety protection step must be cared first during work. Grounded wire connection necessary. LED light on Shelf be careful watch out it slip down to hurt people.
 Aging test is important procedure before LED delivery. Semlight work every LED light with this course and assure our products excellent quality.