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Semlight LED High Bay Light Project in a 17000M2 Factory, Singapore

 Nowadays, it is a trend of LED Lighting revolution, like LED high bay light be a replacement for the Metallic Halogen /HPS. LED high bay light with its high intensity and low power consumption, as well as non-pollution to the power supply system, become more and more popular in application of industry.
 Semlight LED high bay light application in a Singapore project---a 17000M2 factory.
 Before purchase order is placed, we do DiA Design for our customer.
 Construction Height: 10 meters   Installation Height: 8meters   Workplane Height: 0.85meters  LED High bay light: 300pcs  Luminous Lux (Luminaire): 8197lm  Luminous Lux (High Bay Lamps): 8201lm  Luminaire Wattages: 79.7W  Luminaire classification according to CIE: 100  CIE flux code: 61 100 100 100 98  Fitting: 1x User defined (correction factor: 1.000)
 LED High Bay Lighting Solutions
 3D simulation diagram (before)
 LED High Bay Lighting Solutions
 3D simulation diagram (after)
 Aim to finally assure this lighting project be proceed successfully. Everything goes well because prediction made in advance. Semlight offer DiAlux design service enable customer find accurate light quantity to install and have an effect image of high bay light project, which avoid a lot of problems when in installation process.
 LED high bay light is such a high intensity light used indoor, mostly at large shopping centers, hall, factory, store house and gym. Now, we launched the most popular high bay light with innovation heat dissipation. Stable quality with meanwell driver and bridgelux chip. Cost saving proposal also could be offered. Welcome stand by Semlight, Semlight is a market-leading innovator of LED safety lighting products, electronic thermal material and a provider of ultra-high-power lighting solution. We always try our best to provide best LED lighting solution support for our clients.
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