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Eliminate the LED light Flicker Phenomenon with Application of PWM Dimming or Simulation

Now LED lighting have good functions to solve the problems for lighting. As the environmental protection and energy saving solutions, LED lighting is widely applied for car, family, office, hotels, airports and other public places. The large-scale to use the LED lighting should solve the problems for our daily life. It is necessary to show the effective methods to adjust the flashing light, heat, color, uniformity and other technical problems with the LED lighting. Today the cost for LED lighting is becoming decline. You can pay attention to the energy and solar panels for current commercial industry with the solar energy boom. It is good information for the LED lighting industry. We get the new information about LED lighting from linear experts of Tony Armstrong to share the problems and solution for our environment.

How to eliminate the LED light flicker phenomenon with application of PWM Dimming or simulation? Tony said, the LED lighting designer should provide the solutions of the effective, accurate and simple solution for LED driver with the increasing development of high power, high brightness of LED penetration. For example, the car headlamps or light source through the large LED display with high power lighting can be realized the interchangeability for LED array.  Traditionally speaking, we can use the accurate current to drive the high power LED string with implementation simplicity and high efficiency is conflict during working. It is better to use the low efficient of linear regulators solutions or more IC switch voltage regulator configuration with high development.

There is no doubt that we should ensure that every LED lighting has the average brightness without any flicker for the main design. With the help of PWM and model brightness, the LED lighting becomes better than the traditional design. Now you can try to choose them with the good functions to meet your high demand. It is just one of the methods to solve the problems for the LED brightness. Generally speaking, people are widely accepted two methods to control LED brightness, including analog dimming and PWM digital dimming.