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Shenzhen Semlight semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd is the important LED Street Lights Manufacturer in the field of overseas market. We always pay attention to the innovation design of led lighting with standard Cree, Bridgelux and Epistar chip to meet high demand for the public. We show different watts of LED Street Lights with the humanized design to make our surrounding life beautiful. Moreover, with the development of led lighting technology, we provides high quality and good price of solar led street light for wide road in the range of 4 meters to 8 meters.  The solar led street light adopts the natural sources, rainstorm, sunshine and wind to produce the power for bright lighting. There is the remote and smart control with the solar led street light.

Although the solar led street light is not widely used in our daily life, there will be the government policy to support the promotion of solar led street light with good price.  As we know, incandescent lamps are widely used in our traditional lighting.  Maybe they would be good lighting for the street, road and the public places. Now the LED lighting has big impact on our life with the green healthy lighting and the environmental protection, and the LED Street light is the progress to make life wonderful.  It is considerable as the long lifespan health lighting with high quality.

With the advanced technology development, the LED lighting can be recycled for use. There is no need to worry about the lighting pollution. The LED street lights have the green LED source to keep lighting in good condition for the body. When you find the LED Street Lights Manufacturer, you can try to contact our SEMLIGHT Company for more information. SEMLIGHT has good experience to design LED lighting with professional team and equipment testing. Most of our clients are from European, the US and Southeast Asia. We look forward to building good relationship with our partners from all over the world. We can be your reliable LED lighting manufacturers.