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LED is a kind of electric energy into light energy can be electronic components, and has the characteristics of the diode at the same time, also is to have an anode, a cathode, LED the most special place is only from the positive electricity is shine, so usually give direct current, the LED will be a steady glow, but if connected to alternating current (ac), the LED will flash, shiny frequency based on the frequency of the input alternating current (ac). LED light-emitting principle is applied voltage, electrons and holes in semiconductor in combination, releasing energy in the form of light. Current global industry to develop different kinds of LED can emit from infrared to between different wavelengths of light blue, but the industry also has purple ~ uv led, LED the development of the most attractive in recent years is painted in blue light LED fluorescent powder, the blue light is converted into white light white light LED products. Leds are called century new light source, the reason is that the LED point light source and characteristics of the solid-state light source, can save energy, high shock resistance, long life, small volume and rapid response, high color saturation.

Because the LED manufacturing materials is different, the photon energy has also produced is different, so the industry through the manufacturing materials to control the wavelength of LED, and produce various LED with different spectrum and color.